Secret Sister Program

(July – March) This is a fun and mysterious thing to do. It will keep you guessing all year “Who is my SECRET Sister?” We drew information sheets at the June meeting and will have a reveal in March 2010. There will be a space by the monthly raffle where items may be dropped off and picked up. Don’t forget to label your item(s). Dates you want to remember: Birthdays, Anniversaries and of course Christmas. You can give anytime you want (i.e. meetings, mail to their home or delivery/mail to their work) and as often as you like. If can be something simple as a card or a nice gift. The whole object is to suprise them, keep them guessing and create a sense of fun and excitement. The items do not have to be quilt related, but may pertain to other interests your Secret Sister may have and listed on their information sheet. A few suggestions: material, thread, patterns, books, sewing gadgets, gift cards, lottery tickets, tea towels, flowers, wine, baskets, jewelry, or quilted items. The list is only limited to your imagination. This is a wonderful way to get to know one another better. What better way to treat the child inside of each one of us, but to receive a little gift now and then for no reason.

Remember to be the Secret Sister you would want to have. Contact Lucy Chiacchia for more information.